I’m an idiot, or Very Good News

I write all kinds of stuff that makes me laugh.  Often, this is because I make an idiot of myself and then put the details about it on the internet.  Imagine my surprise when I find out that people that I meet are reading my blog/column and then making their conclusions about me from that information.  Only that information.  So basically, anyone that I meet that has read the words that I put on the internet thinks that I am stupid.  So awesome.

It makes me glad that I hold back on the really embarrassing stuff.  (no, really, I do)  To get to the good stuff you have to get a few drinks in me, and I can’t type for shit when I am drunk.

With that auspicious beginning, let’s talk about my week.  I got some Very Good News that will result in me staying in Eastern Europe for much longer than I originally expected.  I will still be coming home to the great state of Idaho this summer, but it will be more of an extended visit than a return home.  I will get to do all kinds of exciting things, like getting Emma a doggie passport (seriously) and disposing of my worldly effects.  I also plan to ride my Vespa like crazy, because I am going to miss that thing and it won’t fit into my two suitcase lifestyle.  It might seem like a good decision to sell it since it will just be collecting dust back home, but that cursed hunk of metal is one of the most important things to me.  I would loan it to a friend while I am gone, but I am pretty sure that they would die at its hands or be driven insane by its endless problems, and I can’t be responsible for that.

My Russian is…  well, it’s still coming along.  This morning I had a whole conversation with someone in Russian, and I think that I got most of the gist of what was being said when I wasn’t having an internal meltdown about not understanding every word.  I am finding myself in more situations where English is not an option.  I am also memorizing vocabulary like it’s my job, so that is probably helping a little too.

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