Baltic Pride 2010

If you would like to read my column on Baltic Pride 2010, go to

If you came from Baltic Reports, then welcome. Only the stories that I feel are fit to print make it to the paper, here you get it all, even the boring stuff.  Especially the boring stuff.

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2 Responses to Baltic Pride 2010

  1. P. says:

    As a foreign student in Estonia, I was quite interested in reading about your experiences in the Baltic Pride. Since I saw reports of the first pride in Riga in 2005, it felt almost unrealistic for me to see the amount of counterprotestors and banners.

    Unfortunately, up to now, I did not have the chance to support the participants in any Baltic pride event but your article gave a nice overview about the hope that is still growing amoung the participants. I can only hope with them that the future of the Baltics will be filled with more tolerance.

    greetings from Tallinn

    • charissa says:

      Hello P from Tallinn,
      You will be getting your chance to see the parade in action next year!

      I, too, couldn’t believe the amount of protestors that were at the Pride, but I think the fact that it happened at all is really a victory. Hopefully next year in Estonia there will be a bigger event, with less meatheads protesting it.

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