Aš tikrai myliu Lietuva

I sat this evening as the sun went down on a 22 degree day in Vilnius on Kalno Parkas hill (mountain to some).  I. and I talked about life, families, the city…  in short, we talked about our lives.  We were surrounded by the muted sounds of people chatting, enjoying the warmth, sliding into that summer calm.  I realized that I really do love this city, I will miss it terribly when I am forced to leave it.  As much as I am an Idaho girl at heart, I think that my place will end up being somewhere very like Vilnius.

There were cyclists everywhere.  There was a critical mass event this afternoon that I missed because I am bikeless, which makes me feel like I am ready to renew the search for a bicycle that was called off last fall after weeks of wandering the city following different tips on where to get good used bikes and constantly being disappointed.  My bicycle wishlist is a little weird, apparently,  because I want a bike just like the old racing bike that I have at home.  When we were on the bicycle odyssey last fall, all we could find were cheap mountain bikes for way too much money or obviously-stolen mountain bikes for way way too much money.  I don’t think I saw a single street bike, and I am firmly against riding a mountain bike in the city because I think it is silly to carry all kinds of weighty extras on a bike that will never, ever see the mountains as long as I am the one riding it.

This week I had a “small surgery” on my tooth, where they had to cut some of my gums back and do something to the bone that I didn’t think merited too much curiosity on my part because I get a little squeamish when I think about people doing things to my skull.  The small surgery wasn’t so bad, although I spent a great deal of time cursing my small mouth because he had to pull my jaw out of joint in order to get the drill in to do whatever nefarious things he needed to do to my bones.  The pain mostly laid me out for a day or so; I had forgotten how much tooth pain sucks.  I watched the third season of Deadwood, though, and made it through a Very Important Meeting, so the day wasn’t a total loss.  All in the name of getting a brand new tooth straight from the factory, I guess.

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One Response to Aš tikrai myliu Lietuva

  1. Zigrida says:

    Bralju tauta
    Brother Nation

    Es ari milu tikai Latviju, ari Lietuvu un Igauniju.

    Paliec sveika

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