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What I’ve learned, foreigner edition

Okay, I feel like in order to really close the book on the whole skinhead debacle, I really feel like I need to talk a little about what it’s taught me. I don’t think I would go so far as … Continue reading

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Breaking news: I am still a foreigner

I published my post about the skinhead attack on some Lithuanian news portals.  The internet comments battle lines are being drawn, and it seems that the internet wants me to go home.  I am also a self-important whiny tourist who … Continue reading

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snowstorms, space bathrooms, and Indians, oh my!

Six months and twenty-five days in Lithuania.  One week and three days until I leave for St. Petersburg.  It seems like time is such a mess right now, I am almost halfway done with my last semester here, and it … Continue reading

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Lazy day…

Today was a beautiful day in Vilnius.  The sun was shining, the temperature was hovering on the warm side of zero and people seemed to be almost smiling.  After six months in Lithuania I can spot an almost-smile from a … Continue reading

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a bad week, followed by a good one

The past few weeks have been really busy.  and annoying.  and busy. I got back from Paris on a Sunday, went out the next Monday, and then my week exploded.  We went out to Snekutis for some celebratory “I am … Continue reading

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Paris, part two.

On my second day in Paris, I saw all of the major (outside) sights that I wanted to see.  Most of them I saw accidentally, because I still didn’t have a map to the city.  Instead, I took the Metro … Continue reading

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