and then I took myself to the mall…

I went to Europa (small shopping mall) with the intent of getting some gifts for my family from the book store (did it) and some running shoes.  The only store that I thought would sell running shoes was called CitySport.  Little did I know that “city sport” means horrible clothes  manufactured by Nike for people that are not actually sporty, but want to give the city that impression.   I spent fifteen seconds in there, noticed that all of the shoes were high tops and promptly got the hell out.  Pretty sure that the person wearing the hoodie and arranging the clothes on the rack would not have been the person to talk to about my oversupination…

So I went to a few fancy shoe stores, fell in love with some Camper boots (not 459 LTL in love, though) and went into the silly girl store to see if they had any more shirts for cheap.  They did, I bought them.  Then did the same in Vero Moda.  Then, clearly feeling the effects of a shopping high, I found myself in L’Occitane buying perfume.  In my defense, it was on sale and it’s lavender, so naturally I love it.

So much for buying local.  I suck.  But I suck in new t-shirts, with perfume that I love.  I guess that’s alright.

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