ach, financial aid time.

In the past few days, I have been trying my best to be productive.  I spent one day (more like night, thanks 9 hour time difference) trying to figure out why my financial aid hadn’t been cleared even though I sent my form in on December 9th like a good kid.  I spoke to two very nice ladies on the phone, the international office twice, one lady who couldn’t have been bitchier (must be related to that lady at the cashier’s desk), a clueless person at the IF desk and finally the person that took one look at my account and cleared the hold for me so that I could get my financial aid.  If I weren’t 5000 miles away, I might have hugged her.  Still might, if I find myself in Idaho Falls after I return home.

So, I am financially stable.  I paid off all of my credit cards.  I paid my rent and utilities.  I bought an external hard drive (that I am pretty sure I paid a little too much for, but I wanted to support Old Town business) and set it up so that my computer will stop taking forever to do anything. It was effective.  I bought a computer case/purse and a pin.  I know that I shouldn’t have bought a purse, but I couldn’t resist.  It’s handmade felt and I can wear it like a messenger.  I got it at a local shop that specializes in handmade goods, so at least the money I spent was ethical, right?  Oh, to hell with it, I am just going to come out and say that I totally didn’t need it and I bought it anyway because I wanted to.  I also bought a medium-sized bottle of vodka and had a celebratory drink last night because I have money again, and this afternoon because Monika isn’t being deported.  I finalized my schedule for the coming semester.  I bought my tickets to France.

All this, and I still managed to find time to fall down on the ice and get called a motherfucker by some small Lithuanian boys.

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