2009. It was a year, alright.

I feel like I need a better way of summing up 2009 than “hey guys, I moved to Europe” (although that will factor heavily in my discussions about the year.  Of that you can be sure)

January: well, let’s just assume I did some homework and watched some cable.  Because I can’t remember January.

February:  It was cold.  I think.  Also having a hard time with February.  I started blogging too late, kids, and my “feelings journal” (ha!) only goes back to May.

March/April:  more cable, more studying, baby Adeline was born. Perennial argument with my ovaries about whether or not I want to have kids escalated (ovaries want them NOW, brain thinks ovaries are insane and should really shut the hell up)  Got to spend time with Jen and the kids.

Scooter began to run again, did not try to kill me on the first ride.  Did refuse to run properly, but I am willing to bet that this is due to my incompetence as a mechanic/ its drive to make my life as much of a hell as possible.  Why won’t you return my love, dear Vespa.  Pretty sure this is also the month where I thought I was starting a relationship with a cool guy, and then he took it upon himself to bang one of my friends right after she separated from her husband and then swear her to secrecy WHILE HE WAS STILL IN BED WITH HER because he “still wanted to see what would happen with me.  May or may not have spent a week talking mad shit to everyone I know.  (I feel bad about this now, but I also still relate with the Charissa that was so pissed she could have punched the whole universe in its face.  Life is complicated.  I sort of hope he has moved away before I get back home).

Lesson: I have a knack for picking men who seem to be perfect and then turn out to be total assholes (brought to my attention by A, so I know it’s true)

I should have learned this with the last Secret Asshole (AKA the guy who got angry because I laughed at him for pissing on his own dresser and then held my glasses hostage so I had to send someone across enemy lines to get them), but it takes me a while to learn my lesson.  Also, I was drinking a lot when he came on the scene.

Oh yeah, got so drunk at an official function that I fell off of a bench while I was talking to the King of All Secret Assholes.  Note to self: calm down on the liquid courage a little.  (this I have achieved, more or less.  Can I pretend like it was a New Year’s Resolution and I kept it?)**

May: moved back in with my parents.  Enjoyed this much more than I thought I would, my family is pretty rad.  I also found that I like spending my evenings quietly surfing the internet in an air-conditioned basement watching man TV with Little Bro.

Went to my baby sister’s graduation party, “I love being surrounded by nerds” being the quote from that party that sums up my family pretty much perfectly.

June: went to Chicago to get my visa, met two Irish girls in the hostel that showed me how much fun staying in a hostel can be.  Navigated the transit system of Chicago, only once taking a bus in entirely the wrong direction.  Visited the Lithuanian Museum.  Spent so much on that trip that I very nearly didn’t have train fare to get to the airport.  Survived.

July:  Something, something, something.  It was hot.  I probably made a fool of myself.  Worked as much as I could and then spent the rest of my time being unrepentantly lazy under the guise of “preparing to move overseas”.

August: quit my favorite job ever (at the library).  but only because I MOVED TO EUROPE.  Met Lena and Helene at the hostel.  The former took me on my first real (daytime) tours around Vilnius, and Helene remains one of my best friends here so far.  My first day, I bought an umbrella, a phone card, and an apple.  It was at this point I knew I would survive.

September: Classes started at Vilnius University.  The registration process was a clusterfuck of epic proportion, but after two weeks of trying, it was mostly sorted.  Learned to do laundry by hand.  Took some classes, saw the Little Prince in Lithuanian (this might have been another month)

October: went to Kaunas and saw a real live chess tournament, didn’t get to see the Chess Champion play, but got to see a fair amount of the city.

Went to Klaipeda, then to Nida.  Saw some sand dunes, posed by a threatening sign near the Russian border.  Maritime museum.  Realized that interpersonal conflict of any kind around me makes me want to crawl in a hole.  Got through it.  Hope to see the Baltic one day when it’s warmer.  Walk back to the hostel declared “best party in Klaipeda” by the Chess Champion.

November: Birthday in Vilnius.  Wonderful celebration with wonderful people, even though I had to be physically dragged to parts of it.  and I was a whiny bitch for at least half of it.

Thanksgiving 1.0: dinner with Monika’s family.  Loved being around Americans, especially precocious American children, and eating a dinner that was TO DIE FOR.  I mean, seriously, that family knows how to put together a meal!  The decorations in the house were very Americana, made me miss home.

Thanksgiving 2.0: fight with the administrator, cried for an entire day.  Realized that homesickness is not something that only happens the first few weeks, sometimes it sneaks up on you months later and lays you out for a day or two.

Thanksgiving 3.0: made a turkey (after going to every supermarket in Old Town before I finally admitted defeat and went to Akropolis) with stuffing, potatoes with (not fabulous) gravy, rolls.  Nicholas brought wine and pizza.  Monika brought beer. Thomas helped me with the dinner and Helene was there for moral support. It really made me feel like I had a piece of home here.

December: moved into the flat on Putino g.  Love these girls!  It’s cockroach-free, and there is a real sense of community here.

Christmas: got drunk on Buffalo Grass vodka by myself and had skype conversations with people back home.

NYE: Same as above, but with FIREWORKS.

**edited to add the following epiphany: all of the members of the illustrious Secret Asshole club are hopeless alcoholics.  Duh.  I guess I should add “stop dating alcoholics” to my list of resolutions this year.

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One Response to 2009. It was a year, alright.

  1. Monika says:

    I can’t wait to be back on Putino g. Mostly because it’s freaking expensive in the rest of Europe. And I miss the people there. 🙂 Moving to Europe is a big part of the year, definitely.

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