Merry Merry, Everybody!

It’s Christmas, and I am all alone in this giant apartment (flat, if you are from Europe.  I have caught myself switching back and forth).  I am all moved into my giant room.  It is huge.  Bigger than my dorm room, and it has these awesome high ceilings and tall doors.  This is the kind of apartment I would live in forever, if given the chance.  There is even an honest-t0-God grown up bed for me to sleep on.  It shocked the hell out of me this morning when I went to roll out of bed, and rolled onto more bed.

My birthday finally came yesterday, it only took 7 weeks or so to get here.  I got some awesome Smartwool socks and a scarf set, which came at a perfect time because it is COLD here. Like most of the systems here, the Lithuanian postal system is ridiculous.  I feel like there is some behind the scenes mastermind just pointing at packages to decide which ones get sent and which ones languish in a warehouse somewhere until the recipient finally gives up on ever seeing them again and then BAM! there they are.  It might be better if I could complain, but there isn’t a lesson on convincing the post office to give you your package in the Lithuanian text books.

I was able to ask a woman who had fallen down if she was okay in Lithuanian yesterday on the way home from the big Maxima (titled Maxima XXX, ha!).  (Maxima is the Lithuanian equivalent to Wal-Mart, except I don’t feel bad for shopping there because they are pretty much the only option.  and they had taco seasoning for my Christmas Eve dinner!)

Christmas Eve dinner was awesome!  Manuela and Christiane came over, and we ate tacos and chocolate mousse and talked about everything under the sun over some wine and buffalo grass vodka and lemon water cocktails (seriously my favorite drink, for the moment).  It was really low-key and nice to spend time with such awesome girls.  I bought a Christmas tree, too, and then promptly broke it in half.  Ieva (one of my flatmates) decorated it and helped me to put it back together with yarn, and now it is festively sitting in the kitchen window).  It makes me very happy, and it feels a little like Christmas here with it around.  I will post a picture when I get things uploaded again.

I bought the 30 Day Shred video today.  I feel a little silly buying a workout video, but I am really sick of feeling weak all the time, and I have heard that it is an excellent video.  We shall see if I can make it through the whole 30 days…  I think it will be like Pilates with Carole, but more intense.  and every day.  I think I will start working on my yoga again, because I really feel like my flexibility has gone to hell since I have been here.

I love winter vacation!

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