20 December, or, Winter in Vilnius

It’s wintertime.  The snow here came suddenly, and with a vengeance, making the streets of Vilnius a cold and terrifying place.  Basically, the people that drive here still drive like crazy people in the snow.  I moved yesterday, with my backpack and various bags on city buses.  It was… an experience.  First: hats of to the Vilnutians for never looking askance at anything, even a person with a fully loaded backpacking pack on a city bus.  I would stare.  Second: kudos to the bus drivers of Vilnius for still getting around even when every corner is a slide out and going up hills is a wheel-spinning mess.  I appreciate your dedication, especially because there is NO WAY I would get into a cab in this town on icy roads.

The apartment is interesting, the home improvement is slapshod, and I love it here.  The other people living here are really nice and they have gone out of their way to make me feel welcome, which is awesome after the isolation that I was feeling living in the dorm.  Granted, it was self-imposed, but it’s still nice to be out of it.  I will miss the people at Olandu, though, I think.  A few of them.  I won’t miss: the cockroaches, the bathroom constantly smelling like balls, the laundry system, being constantly told off by the Babushkii, sharing a room, the filthy kitchen where food had a nasty habit of disappearing, the slow internet….   I am SO GLAD I moved.

Vilnius is really beautiful in the snow.  I love the first snow, when everything is transformed into this alternate, quiet universe, and when you walk the loudest sound is the snow crunching under your boots.  I feel more at home here in the snow, possibly because it is more like home than the rainrainrain that tends to be the norm here.  It makes me want to bundle up and go out to explore my new neighborhood.  I am going to have to find the grocery store at some point, so I will get to do a little exploring.

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