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121969 14 34 Originally uploaded by Nick DeWolf Photo Archive This is how the snow makes me feel. Advertisements

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Merry Merry, Everybody!

It’s Christmas, and I am all alone in this giant apartment (flat, if you are from Europe.  I have caught myself switching back and forth).  I am all moved into my giant room.  It is huge.  Bigger than my dorm … Continue reading

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20 December, or, Winter in Vilnius

It’s wintertime.  The snow here came suddenly, and with a vengeance, making the streets of Vilnius a cold and terrifying place.  Basically, the people that drive here still drive like crazy people in the snow.  I moved yesterday, with my … Continue reading

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2 December

Life in Lithuania: significantly less shitty than the last time I posted. Since the last time that I posted I have: had two Thanksgiving dinners with good friends and some super awesome kids, studied a whole bunch, bought my return … Continue reading

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