15 November

Things I bought this week that I shouldn’t have spent so much money on but they are so useful that they make me wish I would have bought them the first week:

  • Russian review kit
  • electric kettle
  • Nivea face cream (seriously, it’s that awesome)

I also bought myself an amber ring and earrings for my birthday, but they don’t really count as useful.  They are pretty, though!

My first birthday away from home was super good, I got to spend the entire day with friends.  I went to breakfast and had cake with Frauke right after work, then I went to Tres Mexicanos with Monika for lunch/dinner and I went to get drinks with Helene at Šnekutis, where we were joined by the boys who brought me a cake!  Even when I was being dragged through the streets of Old Town by Ida and Laszlo, I have to admit that I felt really loved and appreciated, and that’s what I really needed for my birthday.

Right now I am looking at the plants that I got as gifts, and they make me so happy because I love plants, but I never think to buy them for myself.  Isn’t that what makes a perfect gift?  Thanks, ladies.

I read an article this week about the old adage “wherever you go, there you are” that was geared toward people who travel in order to avoid their problems.  I hadn’t thought that I was doing that until I started to repeat my old self-destructive patterns in my life here.  It’s like I thought that they would magically go away, that I could avoid my medication or drink without compunction and they wouldn’t resurface.  I was wrong.  The article helped me see that I have to spend some time introspectively and really think about what I want to get out of this experience in order to break those patterns and grow as a person.  Hopefully this realization will help me to get more out of my time in Lithuania.

In other, more uplifting news: I have already started my papers for all of my classes, even though they aren’t due for more than a month!  Take that, procrastination!  I stayed home from Tallinn this weekend because I am broke I wanted to work on my papers, and I think that they are really coming along.  I think I will also stay home from Minsk so that I can be successful in my classes; I can always go later, when I have more money for travel.

I have been looking for CELTA programs after I am finished in Vilnius, and none of the programs that I want to attend start in July.  I suppose that I could start them earlier, but that would make for a really short semester for me.  That, and it totally conflicts with the Vilnius Yiddish Institute, which would probably be super interesting.  Oh, I am so terrible at making plans, especially when all of these fascinating opportunities keep presenting themselves to me.

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