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23 November

Thoughts as I walked up to the dormitory: “I am so glad I don’t have a roommate yet. I am pretty sure that they won’t give me one now”… “wait, I am sure I left the blinds closed and I … Continue reading

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22 November

It has been a tough week.  Crying and not leaving my dorm room for days on end tough.  Mood swings like I am sixteen again tough.  Histrionic I hate this country I want to go home type stuff.  Luckily, going … Continue reading

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15 November

Things I bought this week that I shouldn’t have spent so much money on but they are so useful that they make me wish I would have bought them the first week: Russian review kit electric kettle Nivea face cream … Continue reading

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1 November

I just got back from Klaipėda.  It was really fun, I got to see the Baltic Sea, was as silly as possible (man, does being silly make me miss my girls!), stayed in a super crappy hostel and drank just … Continue reading

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