October 19

This weekend was pretty much everything I expected, plus about 1000 percent more laughter.  On Friday, I went to a Klezmer concert with B. that turned out to be more of a world-music jam band that was occasionally klezmerish.  They used a rain stick in their song about the Tsunami.  Yep.  So, afterwards we went on a pub crawl and I got very nearly Sunday drunk, but somehow managed to hold it together.  I found out that I think I can speak Russian after a liter of beer, so that’s nice.  for me, at least.

Then, Saturday was L.’s big chess tournament (or maybe small, I really know nothing about chess tournaments) in Kaunas, so we went there to cheer him on and see the sights.  Somehow we managed to miss him at the tournament, but we saw some old men playing some very fast games.  We also went to an Orthodox church (apparently repainted so it’s not so nice, but I thought it was really pretty).  The oil paintings on the wall were pretty brutal, I don’t think I will ever understand the compulsion to paint your god as being totally destroyed.  Pretty, though, I promise.  Then to the top of a Mormon modern church to see the city of Kaunas.  It reminds me more of Pocatello than Vilnius, it’s a lot more working class, I think.  I also learned why factories have courtyards instead of being one big building (the bricks can’t hold their shit together) and that Renault made some cars out of plastic. 

Next was the Devil Museum, which houses the collection of devils that once belonged to some famous Lithuanian painter (or something.  he was some sort of artist, and I think there is a K in his name).  Pretty interesting the ways in which different cultures portray the devil.  I was mostly shocked because everyone seems to pretty much be working on the same basic premises for the devil, but there are differences that make each portrayal unique.  My favorite, I think, were the ones that were carved out of pieces of driftwood, they had an organic quality that made them somehow more convincing for me.

Then, more walking, more walking, picked up L., got coffee, got scolded for sort of freaking out because I got to pet a dog, took the train back and went to the other Šnekutis.  We sat in the basement where it was cooold, not so friendly as my favorite Šnekutis and they did something seriously wrong to B.’s beer.   I can’t remember who told me that I would like the other one better, but they lied.  Convinced I was truly going to have a one-beer night, we started home, but then got waylaid by some Italians with couscous.  Delicious, delicious couscous.  and wine.  and nice people.  Very nice apartment, too, I am jealous but also glad that I don’t have to pay what she does.  Finally, we went home.  I had designs on staying, but L. said please and promised that we would be back early (ha!) so I went out again.  This time to the foosball club, and I got to suck at Foosball in front of some new people.  I got to sleep at 3.00, that counts as early, right?

Yesterday, all I did was homework (see guys, I am studying sometimes!) and went out to I don’t even remember what bar for one beer. Oh yeah, Pogo.  It’s nice, and apparently they have open mic on Wednesdays.

Next weekend: Klaipėda or a party at the US Embassy.  This week, homework and finish my grant proposal so that I can have it in by next week.

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One Response to October 19

  1. Well, I don’t really know where Klezmer is (I’m assuming it’s in Russia) but seems like someone is getting drunk almost every week. 😀 Well that’s fine. Enjoy the foreign country while you still can.

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