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25 October (2 months in Vilnius)

For my two month anniversary in Vilnius, you get a listing post, because there is too much inside my brain to make a coherent narrative out of it.  It will be not at all chronological, and it might get wordy.  … Continue reading

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October 19

This weekend was pretty much everything I expected, plus about 1000 percent more laughter.  On Friday, I went to a Klezmer concert with B. that turned out to be more of a world-music jam band that was occasionally klezmerish.  They … Continue reading

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14 October

It snowed today.  Well, not so much snow as rain that was a little frozen, but still wet enough to make it seem like you are taking a long, cold shower with all of your clothes on.  Survival is almost … Continue reading

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8 October

It’s fall in Vilnius.  Fall here is not like at home, it’s all rain and cold during the day, warm at night.  The city is covered in leaves and in horse chestnuts (which a friend of mine is constantly putting … Continue reading

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