26 September

It’s been a month since I arrived in Vilnius.  A month and a day since I looked back at my Dad standing on the other side of security and said goodbye to Pocatello.  I have adjusted to living in a communal space, in a city that I don’t know, with people that I hadn’t ever even talked to before a month ago.  It feels good.  Even when it feels lonely, like no one will ever really know me here.

Instead of traveling this weekend, I decided to stay home.  Mostly because I am trying to recover from the cold of imminent death, and I am already behind in my history reading.  Also because I have been neglecting my alone time, and since I am possibly getting a roommate this week I should take it while I can.  I really enjoy spending time with people here, but I also need the balance that I get from simply staying home and keeping my own company.  I guess I am not your typical ERASMUS student, who knew? (Maybe the Portuguese girl who exclaimed “You are HOW OLD?!” when I told her my age on the walk home on Friday.)

I haven’t done any serious sightseeing this week, although I did stop in at the souvenir shop in Uzupis and buy myself a sweet aluminum mug with cartoon Uzupis on it.  I was in classes all week, and I tried to party with the kids, which made me a hungover mess for two of the days.  I am glad that the intensity of it all has dialed down a little, I welcome the coming of routine and expectations.

Man, I wish I had something funny to post today…  maybe it is the sad weather getting to me already.

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One Response to 26 September

  1. Denise Reno says:

    Hi Chris! Stacie told me where to find you, took me a while–I’m not so computer savy. I’m looking for you pics. can’t wait to see them. You sound like you ‘re in you’re element there! We leave for Australia this Fri. I’m excited and nervous! I’ll be excited to hear from you. Dennie

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