20 September

It has been a good week.  I am feeling more comfortable in Vilnius, I feel like I might really be making friends (rather than where-are-you-from-what-are-you-studying acquaintances).  There are significantly fewer roaches in the kitchen, and I am getting really good at hand washing my clothes.

Classes are going well, it has mostly been frantic note-taking during lectures and readings, which is a type of schooling that I feel really fits my style of learning.  There are a few seminars coming up, which is not my favorite thing, but I think that after the last few semesters of presentation-making I will be able to get through it just fine.  In my Postcolonialism class, we get to make our own reading list.  I have never been given that kind of freedom in a class, and I am happy but terrified about doing it.  Even though postcolonial literature is kind of why I came here, so I am pretty sure that I am well qualified to put together a kickass reading list.

Some people from my dorm and I have been going out quite a bit this week.  We inevitably start the night at Snekutis (http://www.alutis.lt/snekutis/) because it is five minutes from the dorm, they make their own cheap, good beer, and the atmosphere is kitschy in the best possible way.  It is a get-a-few-beers bar, not a tube-top, ass-shaking club, and I am so happy that I have found people in Eastern Europe that are not fond of clubbing.  I have also been to a salsa dancing bar with a Belarussian, a club called Transylvania that is like a watered-down version of Snekutis, some sort of Belarussian private party (SKETCHY), a Mexican restaurant (where a Lithuanian-American businessman bought us dinner.  Thanks, Bo!) and a classical music concert on the river.

Oh, and the Russian market!  Oh, I think that deserves its own post, because the day of bicycle searching was so weird and Eastern European that I need a few days to process it into words.

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One Response to 20 September

  1. Monika says:

    I think Transylvania is more like a cross between Snekutis and Pogo… but that’s just me.

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