14 September

This morning, I was really excited to have my first real class in something, and to be done with the endless “you will have one test and a paper due, please show up to class” bullshit that always goes on the first week of school.  Alas, they didn’t have Macroeconomics last week, so it was more of that.  This time, though, he spent the entire one and a half hours jumping from subject to unrelated subject, so it was at least a little interesting.  How he got from the current economic crisis to American Indian Schools of the 19th and 20th centuries, I will never know (and I was even paying attention!).  It was a wild ride.  I think that the class will be interesting, though, once we get into lectures with a little more structure.

I paid for my student card today.  I was supposed to get the help of my mentor, but he is pretty unavailable and I am quite the resourceful gal, so I just did it myself.  The payment system here is, for lack of a better word, weird. First, I had to fill out the form online and tell them which branch of Swedbank I was taking it to, and when.  Then, I had to go to the International Programs Office and print out the paperwork for the card.  I took the paperwork to the bank, with one of my “little pictures”  (glad I printed extras!), and stood in line.  Standing in line is not simply standing in line, though.  You have to tell the lobby computer what you are there for, and it assigns you a number.  Then, you stare at a screen until your number comes up and you can talk to a teller.  I gave the teller the forms, the little picture, and the money.  Now I wait two to three weeks, and I should be able to pick the card up at the same bank.  This is, essentially, the process that I have to use to pay all of my university bills.  There is no cashier’s office, no bursar, nada.  You pay everything at banks.  Even my rent is paid at the bank.  Maybe I will run up some library fines when I get my student card, and see where they send me to pay those…  (I bet it is one of the stinky basements in the philology faculty).

In other news, I successfully completed two whole transactions in Lithuanian today!  I went to Ikiukas and topped up my phone and then I ordered a potato pancake.  Those survival Lithuanian lessons were good for something!  (They didn’t allow me to understand what in the hell the key-lady was saying to me when I came home today, but I was able to “gerai” my way out of the situation rather well, if I do say so myself)

Oh! and I am going to the infamous goats and Kalashnikovs market (really it’s just an outdoor market, but a girl can dream) to buy a bike on Friday with some Germans; I am sure that it will be a story worth telling.

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