12 September

Lithuania continues to surprise me. Example: last night I went to happy hour at the US Embassy (which is clear across the goddamn town, and I doubt that I will end up there for a long time.  Why couldn’t they be in the middle of town like all of the civilized Embassies.)  In the game of life, are points given for saying “fuck” to embassy officials, because if there are, I got some.  After that, we went to a hipster cafe where I got some overpriced Samosas that were pretty good.  (cheese and mushroom!)  Then, we went to a party at the very nice apartment of some French people.  It was the kind of party that you throw when you are nineteen and there are no parents to tell you not to be a moron.  I had fun, though, in spite of the general silliness and cliche atmosphere.  I finally got to talk to a German girl that really seems to share my point of view on the whole Erasmus experience, and THANK GOD that there is someone else here that doesn’t want to party every night.  Then, as I was leaving, I met up with a group of people from my dorm (bendrabutis if you’re fancy) and we decided to go to a bar on the way home.  We ended up at this really odd Mexican-themed bar where I got a Tequila sunrise (heavy on the tequila and the grenadine, just the way I like it) and we watched some people in their mid fifties try to Salsa dance.  It was as amazing as it sounds.  I was with my Polish friend, and damned if he isn’t one of the funniest, most sarcastic people I have met in years.

So, tonight, I am going to put on my stretchy pants and clean my room.  I figure two weeks in, I might want to make it look like I have really moved in.  I would like to watch a movie, but the last one that I rented from iTunes took ELEVEN HOURS to download, and I didn’t plan ahead this time.

I am still in negotiations with the internet connection to allow me to upload my pictures, but I promise that I have been taking them… sometimes.  I will share, soon.

Funny moment of the day: there was a man standing outside of  the convenience store, sleeping standing up in the middle of the zebra (read: crosswalk).  He would wake himself up occassionally, but never moved the entire time I was in the store.  The ladies from the store were having quite the conversation about it while I was checking out.   I don’t live in a bad neighborhood by any means, but stuff like that makes me think that it is maybe a little less far in the transition to “arts district” than they would have people believe.

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2 Responses to 12 September

  1. mildaber says:

    It was really interesting to read your experiences in my home town 🙂 I guess it’s quite shocking for you to see the life of Eastern Europe after you’ve been living in US. But I’m sure everything will be fine once you get used to the differences.
    Keep up the good spirit!

  2. mildaber says:

    BTW, you can rent movies in movie rental places, that will cost only a few Litas and you won’t have to wait eleven hours 🙂 just ask your Lithuanian friends where you can find one. We don’t have Blockbuster in LT, but you can find small movie rentals in almost any bigger supermarket.

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