8 September

The Great Apple Pie Disaster went as well as could be expected.  I burnt the shit out of the top crust the first time around (NOW you tell me that no one uses that oven), but the inside was spared, so a call to Mom and a game plan later I had a dish to take the the National Dishes Party.  Nevermind that we were two and a half hours late for that party, and missed all of the other national dishes.  There was a pie.  I am pretty sure that it sucked real bad, but people seemed to have enjoyed it so I am happy.

Today, I get to start real, honest-to-god classes at the University.  After my survival Lithuanian class (that the Apple Pie Disaster made me miss yesterday) I have to get across town at warp speed to attend “History of the Holocaust in Eastern and Central Europe”.  Interesting, huh?  I am really looking forward to getting to know some of the history of the area, because when I hear things about the Holocaust here, or any other phase of history, I am at a loss.  Apparently all of those American History courses that I have taken are not supremely important once you enter the rest of the world.  At least they have given me some frame of reference when I am bullshitting people who ask me about American government.  (Note to future exchange students: seriously, study up on politics.  Number one question for the American girl: “How do you feel about Obama?”)

It’s about time for me to take a shower with my pants, and then do some Lithuanian homework.  Doesn’t life abroad sound exciting?

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