Packing practice and other things of virtually no importance

That’s right, as of right now I have started practicing packing.  Like there is some science to folding all of my tshirts, jeans, and skirts and stuffing them into a backpack.  I really don’t know when I became a type A personality, but there it is.  The good news is that the packing practice is going well.  I have a game plan for my new packing organizers (oh yeah, and I bought some packing supplies, too) and I am pretty sure that everything I want to take will fit in under the 40 pound weight limit for my backpack.  I haven’t even begun to practice filling my carry-on, but I would assume that I will start doing that sometime next week.

I got my new iPod touch, and I am pretty convinced that it is a traveler’s device par excellence.  I have all my numbers and addresses in it, it will track my finances (so that I can hopefully avoid a repeat of the panic-induced spending spree that happened while I was in Chicago), it has a calorie-tracking application (so that I can avoid any panic-induced eating sprees), it tells me when things are due and how to get to places.  I am in love.  Oh, and it does a pretty good job of playing me music when I want it to.  To celebrate my love, my clumsy ass has already dropped it in the driveway, which it weathered with aplomb.  I think this means that it is ready to be my travel buddy.

Now, if only I could get prepared enough that I feel like I can be my own travel buddy, that would be good.  Either way, though, me, my ipod, and my obsessively organized backpack are getting on a plane at 5:30 am, 25 August 2009.

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One Response to Packing practice and other things of virtually no importance

  1. elbodans says:

    I was led to your blog via this post–it was suggested at the bottom of my own post (which is titled something like ‘packing practice post’) and now i’m reading your entire blog. i love that you are sharing this with the world. i’m going to europe this summer for the first time (thus my blog) and i thought i was being worldly. you moved across the ocean! i’m impressed, jealous, and inspired. thank you for keeping this record!

    tracy a.

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