Three weeks and a day

Three weeks and a day, folks.  Oddly, at this point I am thinking about it less and less, even as it keeps getting closer.

Now I have three things packed, and two more things on the way from Ebay and Apple.  (iPod touch!  I am unreasonably excited for it to get here.  I am also afraid that I will spend too much money on iTunes) (also some new Danskos.  much more utilitarian, and very, very necessary).

Song that has been stuck in my head for days: I’m On a Boat.  I think I am going to have to buy it. (see above)

Family Vacation 2009, v2.0: Townsend, Montana next weekend.  That town is chock full of Brammers, and we are going to visit them ALL.  Things I am looking forward to: seeing family I haven’t seen in ten years, eating chicken-fried steak at the Horseshoe cafe, and being in a town that you can walk across in less than a half hour.   We get to stay in the Mustang  Motel.  It’s going to be so awesome!

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