Wedding, or, my Grandma thinks I will never get married.

I went to a wedding today.  It was held in Island Park (read: the woods), so I thought that it would be a casual affair.  I wore my heels (silver) (dark silver, very classy) a pencil skirt and my new Vera Wang (her Kohls line) t shirt.  We showed up late, because my sister and my Mother can’t get it together, and the first thing that I noticed was that I was waaaay overdressed.  The people closest to my level of “fancy” were the old ladies, dressed one and all in lovely pantsuits.  The younger people (my Mom’s age, that generation) were dressed in whatever they could find that was clean enough to wear in public.  There were several women wearing sweatpants.  SWEATPANTS!  I am no fashion maven, and I have been known to wear jeans long after their natural death, but REALLY.  Is it so much to ask that you wear pants with a waistband to a wedding, even a wedding in the Idaho forest.

My Dad thinks that it sounds like an episode of My Big Redneck Wedding.  All I could think the entire time is that I was waaay too city for the event.  It was pretty awesome.

On the way to the wedding, my Grandma said that she is glad she won’t have to attend any more weddings after this one.  Apparently even she thinks I am out of the marriage race.  Thanks Grandma.  I know, I am 26 and not married and that makes me an old maid.  I guess I will have to console myself with the fact that I move to Lithuania in a month. Oh, the horror!

Tranpay came today, I am getting my financial aid without any hitch.  I got my bag today, my shoes are coming, and I got a whole bunch of clothes when we went on our “girls day” yesterday (hence the new top for the wedding).  I have my passport, my plane tickets, my visa, and a place to stay when I get there.  Now I just have to lose thirty pounds in a month and get a facial peel and I will be ready to go!

See you in Lithuania!

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