Five Year Plan

For the first time in my 26 years on this planet, I am officially putting together a five year plan.  It is easier to do when everything that I have to do for the next few years comes in discrete little blocks of a year or two.  That being said, the plan is as follows: 

One year at Vilnius University, Vilnius, Lithuania.  I will take courses in Lithuanian language, Russian Language, and Eastern European history.  This will lead to the completion of most of the requirements for my degree in English/International Studies at ISU.  

I year at ISU, finishing up the remaining requirements for my degrees, complete in June 2011.

1.5 years at a Master’s International (Peace Corps) certified University, completing coursework.  Complete in August 2012.

2.5 years in the Peace Corps, finishing one term of service and the remainder of requirements for MA degree.  Complete end of 2014, or so.

Then what?  I don’t know.  I will be certified in TESOL, so I could do that.  Or I could seek government work, which I would be qualified for based on my extensive international experience.  Or I could decide to stay in school and get a doctoral degree, but I doubt that I will be ready to do that right after I get out of school with two degrees.

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