More updates

I have been and gone from Chicago, it was better and less scary than I ever thought it could be.  I saw the lake, I spent too much money, I had the best Caesar salad of my life, I watched a scary/funny movie with some Irish girls from the hostel, I completed the meeting for my visa.  I used public transportation with varying levels of success (the reason I saw the lake was because I got on the right bus going the wrong direction.  This pattern was repeated more than once over the two-day period). The only people who harassed me at all were the environmentalists.  (You people are making normal people hate people that care about the earth!  STOPPIT!)  One of them was so pushy that I got lost a block from the hostel. The homeless people in Chicago: very polite.

Now, all I have to do is buy my tickets, which, through a combination of ingenuity and sheer stubbornness, are going to cost less than $600 round trip all the way into Vilnius.  So that’s exciting.  Less than two months to go.

I fixed my scooter tonight.  No crying, no swearing, no getting things stuck in the most frustratingly impossible positions possible…  just tightened some bolts, tugged on some wires and reattached the speedometer (still doesn’t work, is attached) and, miraculously- the lights started working.  Tomorrow I am going to change the oil and check the tire pressure, and I should be good to just hope that nothing else goes wrong for at least three weeks.

Oh!  and some nice person that was driving behind me saw my mirror fall off, and they followed me for a mile or so and then gave it back to me!  It was really, really nice.  It made me think that much better of the world.

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