everything is falling into place

I had my committee meeting this afternoon, and it was more nerve-wracking than I thought it would be, based on past experience.  I feel lucky that I got out of it with my funding intact.  I still feel a little like I might puke whenever I think about it.  That officially marks the final hoop that I have to go through (if you assume that I will get the visa when I go to Chicago next week).

This also marks the point where this trip starts feeling real to me.  Where there is nothing standing in my way, and I am really going to get on a plane and end up all the way across the world.  And, again, I feel like I might throw up.  I get the feeling that the stress-puke reaction is going to be back in full force by this time next week, and it will probably continue to be a major thing until I am in Lithuania and realize that it’s not so bad.  Oh well, it is better than eating all the time because of stress.

Oh, and the spiritual journey is still on course, complete with praying!  I know, I think it’s a little silly, too.  Not as silly as riding a Vespa in the rain wearing three-inch heels, I assure you.

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