I am moving to Lithuania

“I am moving to Lithuania”. I say this several times a day, explaining it to friends, family, and (rarely) missionaries. It seems like I am saying it in an effort to make the idea that I am actually going there into a reality. If words have power, then one of these times I should really believe it when I tell someone that I am moving to Lithuania. Even when I take steps toward the goal, like fighting tooth and nail to get T-mobile to cancel my contract, or moving into my parents’ house with the bare minimum in possessions, it still eludes me. I guess I just have to keep taking the steps and, eventually, I will step off the plane in a country halfway around the world.

This blog is, basically, a place for me to document my life as I navigate these changes, to make sure that I am always making some sort of progress. Also, I want to tell everyone what I had for lunch in the most efficient way possible. (pierogies, a pear, and some tiny cheddar bunnies)

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